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After a good prior year, share prices on the worldwide stock exchanges initially displayed robustness in the financial year 2011. Positive fundamental company data and the globally rising money supply were the main reasons for equity investments in the first half of the year 2011. In the second half-year, the discussion regarding the sovereign debt crises in the United States and most notably in the eurozone came to the fore. At first, the austerity measures that were enacted by governments, in combination with the introduction of the EU rescue plan, were able to calm financial markets. However, starting from the end of July 2011, investors’ sense of insecurity gained the upper hand, which caused marked share price declines across the board. In the course of this, the MDAX declined as well towards the end of the financial year on November 30, 2011, and recorded a full-year loss of 2.9 %.

Reference Data for the Shares
Bloomberg reference GXI
Reuters reference GXIG.DE
Stock index membership MDAX, CDAX, HDAX, Prime All Share, Classic All Share,
EURO STOXX TMI, Russell Global Small Cap Growth Index
and further sector and size indexes
Listings Berlin, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt (Xetra & floor trade),
Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart
Key Data for the Shares 2011 2010
1) In each case Xetra closing price.
2) Adjusted net income after non-controlling interests divided by 31.4m shares.
3) Proposed appropriation of net earnings.
Number of shares as of the reporting date in million 31.4 31.4
Share price1) as of the reporting date in EUR 31.17 28.20
Market capitalization as of the reporting date in EUR m 978.7 885.5
Share price high1) during the reporting period in EUR 36.62 29.85
Share price low1) during the reporting period in EUR 28.30 22.09
Earnings per share in EUR 1.61 1.38
Adjusted earnings per share2) in EUR 2.44 1.95
Dividend per share in EUR 0.603) 0.50


Gerresheimer shares showed strength in the financial year 2011. In the first half of the financial year, the shares temporarily gained almost 20 % in value. Towards mid-July the shares even jumped to a share price high of EUR 36.62, representing an even higher gain of almost 30 %. Following that, the shares displayed an extraordinary degree of stability and managed to defy the negative market trend. They completed the financial year successfully with a share price of EUR 31.17. In sum, Gerresheimer shares gained 10.5 % in value in the course of the past financial year, thereby markedly outperforming their benchmark index MDAX.

The market capitalization of the Company at the end of the financial year on November 30, 2011, amounted to EUR 978.7m. According to the index ranking of the German Stock Exchange, the shares therefore advanced to 28th place in the MDAX ranking (prior year: 31th place). With regard to stock exchange turnover, Gerresheimer shares occupied 47th place at the reporting date, after having reached 45th place at the end of the prior year.

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My Annual Report

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